Blue Laser Cut Cork Pouch with sparkles

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CC BAG49-04-A
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Handcrafted Blue Laser cut cork pouch with sparkles

A fashionable Envelope Clutch is surely going to add flair in your daily life.

This Cork with Nylon Clutch is stunning, very versatile and functional. Merge utility and style with this gorgeous purse with Bronze hardware, wristband for easy handheld. Simple design and very light.

A beautiful cork with Nylon fabric made a clutch bag. Laser-cut scallop shape: inside with red shiny fabric.

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This mesmerizing stylish zero waste clutch is the perfect choice for your vegan lifestyle, as it's made out of cork that´s extracted from the oak trees in an organic, cruelty-free and sustainable way.

Fits in all your essentials with ease.

Crafted with high-quality cork, this Cork Pouch clutch can hold your mobile phone, wallet, daily necessities.

You are sure to fall in love with this one! 

It is handmade, very soft & flexible yet it's durable, washable, long lasting and comfortable bag. If you want to get a stylish, fashionable & attractive look, this cruelty free bag will be an excellent choice.

•  Product Type: Handmade
•  Product Material:  100% Natural Cork w/ Cotton and nylon
•  Eco-Friendly & Cruelty Free: Yes
•  Durable & Cleanable: Yes
• Bag Dimension:  
  - Length: 31.5cm (12.5in)
  - Width: 18cm (7.3in)
  - Weight:120g